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Pocket was originally known as Read It Later. It is used to manage and read a group of articles or web pages, collated by the user from the internet. These articles can then be read at a later stage, while no longer connected to the internet. Articles are sent to the user’s Pocket list (all user devices are synced) for offline reading. Pocket removes clutter and allows the user to adjust text settings for easier reading. Some versions can verbally read the articles back to the user. Pocket is free to download and use. Find out more from or visit your app store.

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AVG Free

AVG is an anti-virus product to protect your device from viruses. There are paid options, but at a minimum the free version should be used. Find out more from or visit your app store.

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MX Player

MX Player is a powerful media player for use on your devices. While there are paid versions, the free version will suit most users needs. Find out more below or visit your app store.

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tick_orangeNOTE on PC Compatability:  to download and install MX Player on PC you need to follow the  instructions below:

  1. Download and install an app player on your PC first.
  2. Use search tool of the app player to find MX Player Android app.
  3. Download and install the app once you found it.

App Players

    Player Download Link Notes
1.  Bluestacks

cross We tested Bluestacks  App Player. After a Windows update and reboot it caused issues with web browsers not working, as well as requesting a small monthly payment. Uninstalling the resolved the immediate issue, however we later needed to use malwarebytes to remove other malware.
2.  You Wave Offers full android system, unlike bluestacks app player the menu and options are  just like a regular android home screen. You wave is a paid application but comes  with ten days of free trial to try out the software. Untested by us.
3.  Native Android Emulator  Google android development kit comes with this emulator. This is primarily used by app developers. You can go ahead and use this emulator to run apps on pc for casual usage. Installing this one is little tricky as you have to install the complete android development kit to get the emulator. A major downside of this emulator is you don’t have direct access to Google Play and manually download apk files for each app, then upload file in emulator. This is a cumbersome process.
4.  GenyMotion Genymotion is a quality & feature rich product. Genymotion is available for windows, mac & linux. Like You Wave, genymotion does rely on resources from virtual box, if you are trying to install it on windows the installation package is bundled with Virtual box but for mac and Linux virtual box has to be installed separately. Genymotion has a lot of features to offer including but not limited to Wi-Fi, GPS emulators, hardware acceleration, command line utility & eclipse IDE plugin.
5.  Jar of Beans TThis Android emulator for windows is pretty popular amongst the developer community, it supports hardware acceleration on Intel machines which improves emulator performance, jar of beans works on a resolution of 1280*768 or higher. There are specific buttons designed to install apk, control volumes and users, you can also create a virtual sd card card. The newer version of this android emulator for windows has play store integrated to install apps directly. though the emulator is feature rich however freezing, error messages & installation problems are pretty common issues users have reported.